An electric delivery van that charges itself with the help of the sun

The Swedish electric vehicle company Clean Motion presents Re:volt – their next generation electric vehicle. A compact, strong, and modular delivery van, developed to meet the huge demand for sustainable last-mile transports in cities.

The new solar panel roof makes it energy-efficient enough to eliminate the need for charging when the sun is up. The start of production is planned for the fall of 2022 and right now they are looking for partners to optimise the customer offer.

Re:volt is small on the outside and big on the inside. The design is clean, functional and the modular construction means that the vehicle can be easily configured according to the customer’s wishes. The range will be up to 400 km – with 100 km per day just from the sun, thanks to the innovative solar panel roof.

“We are not alone in integrating solar panels into vehicles. What is unique is the energy efficiency of our vehicles, which means that the solar-roof can make them self-sufficient in energy. It also means that with only 40 kg of batteries we can offer a range of 280 km, which will suit northern latitudes where the sun is not a reliable energy source,” says Göran Folkesson, CEO of Clean Motion.

The combination of rapidly increasing home deliveries and ambitious climate goals creates very interesting opportunities for electric vehicles with high energy efficiency. When the vehicle fleet is going from a few single percent electric, to almost 100 percent, comes the real challenge for society and the automotive industry. Here, Re:volt has a great advantage, as it solves many transport missions with a minimal need for charging.

“The market for environmentally friendly last mile deliveries is huge and rapidly growing, but the range of vehicles that can really replace the old fossil fueled vans is not that exciting. With Re:volt, we want to change the image of what a small electric vehicle can do – and start a green revolution in city deliveries,” says Göran Folkesson.

Re:volt will start rolling out at the end of 2022. Right now they are looking for companies with diversified transport needs, who want to be involved and to adapt the last details of the platform. The goal is to create a comprehensive customer offering for the European transport market.