BPW’s AirSave – Optimal Pressure for Maximum Savings

The shreds of blown truck and trailer tyres are a typical sight along the edge of the motorway. Yet blown tyres are anything but harmless. They are highly dangerous, and even minimal pressure losses can be extremely costly for hauliers.

Day-to-day trailer tyres withstand a great deal: road conditions, load weights and temperatures, all of which are constantly changing, causing pressure differences that ultimately lead to tyre wear. Keeping tyre pressure at the optimum value is a major contribution to road safety.

BPW’s AirSave tyre pressure control system will continuously track and control tyre pressure while driving, helping to prevent unnecessary expenditures caused by worn out tyres or a roadside prohibition for under-inflated tyres.

AirSave uses the trailer’s existing pneumatics and directs the air through the axle beam to the wheel end and from there to the tyre valve. The system permanently monitors air pressure loss and starts to inflate at a pressure deviation of just 0.2 bar, making it a very fast and reliable system.

Even a small loss in tyre pressure increases fuel consumption and, consequently, high levels of emissions from your vehicle.

The environmentally friendly AirSave, meets ECE Regulation 141, can significantly reduce the risk of accidents, preventing downtime, saving fuel by maintaining optimal pressure at all times, and reducing CO2 emissions.