Bridgestone releases its first-ever all-season tyre for light truck segment

Bridgestone has launched its first-ever all-season tyre for the light truck segment: the DURAVIS All Season.

Designed with both small and large fleet operations in mind, Bridgestone’s new DURAVIS All Season tyres are ideal for professionals who want to maximise their business efficiency and stay in control with the same tyres throughout the year.

Achieving a best-in-class EU label A-grade in wet grip, the Bridgestone DURAVIS All Season allows fleets to keep going even in adverse weather conditions. The tyre delivers this through high-volume slots in its shoulder for improved water evacuation and an optimised contact pressure distribution.

Certified by the 3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) and Mud + Snow (M + S) markings, Bridgestone’s DURAVIS All Season is fully winter-ready. The tyre achieves this thanks to a combination of compound design, a V-shaped layout to improve snow mobility and an optimised carcass construction. The DURAVIS All Season’s notable performance in the wet and snow is also down to Bridgestone’s new nano-selective compound mixing technology which allows better silica dispersion in Bridgestone’s Nano Pro-tech™ compound.

The robust tyre applies a sidewall protector rib to shield it from impacts with the curb. This not only helps to reduce frequent tyre damage and repair costs, but also cuts vehicle downtime.

Bridgestone DURAVIS All Season will be available as of August 2020, with several additional sizes releasing from September onwards. The tyre will be available in 23 sizes, including three HRD sizes and five high load sizes (10PR), to accommodate almost every type of vehicle and load with enhanced safety.