Brigade Electronics launches new predictive collision detection system

Market-leading provider of vehicle safety systems Brigade Electronics has launched a new predictive collision detection system.

Sidescan®Predict is the next generation of collision avoidance systems. Supported by the Knowledge Transfer Partnership initiative with Cambridge University, the aim was to develop a cost-effective and reliable collision detection system that can intelligently discriminate potential collisions and warn the driver with sufficient time for intervention – a predictive system.

Having been in development and undergone rigorous testing for more than seven years, including 10,000 hours of research, Sidescan®Predict had its first trials in 2020 receiving excellent driver feedback. Drivers noticed a significant reduction in the risk of collision with both vulnerable road users and static objects.

Through the use of artificial intelligence, SideScan®Predict constantly gathers object detection data, such as the speed and distance of a cyclist or other vulnerable road user from the lorry. Additional technology is embedded within the system to gather information such as the speed, direction, acceleration, and the turning rate of a vehicle.

This data feeds an algorithm created by Brigade to calculate the risk of a collision with cyclists and pedestrians who are nearby the vehicle.

Always Switched On

Additionally, the system will always remain switched on when the vehicle’s speed is below 22mph/30kph, regardless of the indicator selection, and cannot be deactivated by the driver.

Designed for most rigid body vehicles, including rigid box vehicles, tippers, mixers, coaches and buses with a minimum length of 5.2m, the system comprises six sensors which have a detection area of 2.5 metres, compared to the industry standard 1m to 1.5m. These features help to reduce the risk of fatalities by an additional 84%.

Additional Benefits

Emily Hardy, Marketing Manager of Brigade Electronics UK, said: “Unlike existing systems, which simply register the presence of a potential obstacle, Sidescan®Predict is constantly gathering data in a vehicle’s vicinity. This provides additional benefits to operators by significantly reducing false alarms and increasing confidence in the accuracy of warning alerts.

“We are delighted to add Sidescan®Predict to our range of commercial vehicle safety systems and we are confident that it will make a positive impact to road and worksite safety and preventing fatalities.”