CLdN Strengthen Iberian Service to Liverpool & Dublin

Having recently announced additional sailings on UK and Irish routes out of Zeebrugge, CLdN is taking the next step by increasing capacity and frequency on its Iberian service.

The leading RoRo operator has announced a bi-weekly service calling both Liverpool and Dublin out of Santander as from week 14.

Currently CLdN is operating a weekly service out of Santander, calling Liverpool and Dublin separately.

The company was forced to detach the respective services at the beginning of this year, as a direct result of Brexit. Thanks to being an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), complying with most strict customs and safety and security regimes, the company is now in a position to combine intra EU and non-EU sailings and is to re-introduce the triangle trade: Santander-Liverpool-Dublin-Santander, twice a week.

Leaving Santander each Saturday and Wednesday, arriving in Liverpool on Monday and Friday and subsequently calling Dublin on Tuesday’s and Saturday’s.

A spokesman commented on the expansion of the services: “Driven by the success of our youngest unaccompanied routes from the Iberian Peninsula directly to the UK and Ireland, the market can benefit from increased capacity and frequency shortly. Allowing our customers to increase turnaround times of their equipment and rely on a robust service bypassing the Landbridge, with its administrative burdens.

“We are confident this will give a boost to our services and is the right answer to growing market demand, the modal shift from accompanied to unaccompanied transport and to designing sustainable supply chains with a low carbon footprint.”