DAF certifies Goodyear “Master” in Supplier Performance

Goodyear has recently been recognised as “Master” in the 2021 Supplier Performance Management Programme of DAF. The programme is designed to recognise suppliers in a broad range of categories from product development, operations support and business alignment. 

This is the first time Goodyear has achieved this score, owing to the work and dedication of its teams who constantly seek to improve the total customer experience year over year. This is particularly true of maintaining its high standards of operational excellence despite a disruptive macro environment.

The programme annually award suppliers that have, among a variety of criteria, improved results, promoted collaboration and optimised relationships with customers.

As a dedicated development partner, Goodyear also supports truck and trailer manufacturers in planning for the future. For example, the newly introduced FUELMAX ENDURANCE tyre, gives DAF’s new generation of trucks a lower rolling resistance and supports reducing the vehicle’s carbon footprint by -2%.  On top, all Goodyear on-road tyres are compatible with alternative drivetrains such as hybrid and battery-electric HGVs.

The European Commission has introduced VECTO, which stands for Vehicle Energy Consumption Calculation Tool. Goodyear is working with OEMs and fleet customers to maximise sustainability efforts and overall fleet efficiency. Alongside a host of influencing factors such as vehicle type and weight and aerodynamics, tyre rolling resistance has a major role to play.

Furthermore, Goodyear’s Total Mobility end-to-end solution also helped it boost its eligibility for the “Master” certification. By using advanced technologies and solutions, DAF and Goodyear have strengthened their working relationship year over year and will continue to support leading fleets across Europe to drive results in competitiveness, efficiency and sustainability.

Frank Titz, Managing Director OE Trucks EMEA for Goodyear said: “Goodyear is proud to receive this prestigious accolade from DAF. By being far more than a tyre partner and working closely together we can maximise added value and drive results for our customers like optimising performance, sustainability and efficiency with innovative services as well as advanced low rolling resistance tyres.

“To be categorised in the highest category of ‘Master’ from DAF shows the strength of the partnership. We also host the DAF Driver Challenge at our Proving Grounds, support the just-in-time supply by using our own tyre mounting centre, provide integrated TPMS and help DAF customers optimise fleet performance. I would like to sincerely thank both the DAF and our team for making this award happen.”

DAF considers no less than sixteen KPIs before rating each supplier including key criteria on product development, operations support and business alignment.