DAF Demonstrate Profit Creating Product Innovations

daf2Sitges in Spain was the setting for a recent demonstration by DAF to illustrate the manufacturer’s product innovations that have been designed to further improve an operator’s profitability.

As Export & Freight’s Phil Eaglestone reports froim the ‘ride and drive’ event, vehicles on hand included the LF 2016 Edition, the three-axle versions of the CF with PACCAR PX-7 engine and the CF and XF Low Deck with a fifth wheel height of only 91 centimetres, all of which fit perfectly within the philosophy of DAF Transport Efficiency.

DAF is introducing a number of enhancements to the popular LF series for distribution transport. Innovations to the 4.5-litre PACCAR PX-5 engine provides 5% extra fuel efficiency, while the 6.7 litre PACCAR PX-7 engine is now also available with an automated 12 speed AS Tronic transmission.

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Innovations to the DAF LF also include new air deflectors and cab collars, for an improvement in fuel economy of up to 4%. Wheelbases are now up to 6.90 metres for loading lengths up to 9.00 metres, thus maximising load volumes. The new long wheelbases make it possible to order fuel tank volumes up to 1,240 litres, which is unique in this class. This gives the vehicle a very large operating range and results in financial benefit by refuelling where diesel prices are at their lowest.

DAF Silent

daf3Other fine examples of DAF Transport Efficiency are the Silent models, which have been specially developed for urban distribution during the evening and at night-time.

The ‘Silent’ button allows the driver to activate the ‘Silent mode’, whereby the engine software switches to a program that limits the torque and speed and gears are changed at lower engine speeds then. The DAF Silent models will thus have a noise level of no more than 72 dB(A), meeting conditions for certification as a Quiet Truck.

The 7.5-tonne DAF LF Silent is equipped with a 4.5-litre PACCAR PX-5 engine, with a capacity of 112 kW/152 hp and 135 kW/184 hp. Operators who need even more payload or space can opt for the DAF CF Silent, with a 10.8-litre PACCAR MX-11 engine with outputs of 210 kW/286 hp up to 320 kW/435 hp. The XF Silent is only available with 320 kW/435 hp version of the efficient MX-11 engine.

Three axle DAF CF DAF now also supplies the Euro 6 CF with the PACCAR PX-7 engine in a number of models with three axles. These combine a higher payload with the efficiency of the 6.7 litre six-cylinder engine with outputs of 208 kW/283 hp or 231 kW/314 hp.

daf4The CF range with the PACCAR PX-7 engine has been expanded to include a new model featuring a 7.5-tonne trailing axle with single assembly mounted behind the 13-tonne rear axle. This increases the net loading capacity to almost 19 tonnes, and allows combination
weights of up to 32 tonnes. Several variants equipped with a dual mounted trailing axle are
also available for more heavy-duty use. The new versions with trailing rear axle are ideal
for more demanding applications in urban and regional distribution, including the transportation of food products, building materials, chilled goods and livestock.

Specially designed for applications requiring a higher payload coupled with maximum manoeuvrability, DAF also supplies the CF with PACCAR PX-7 engine with a steered trailing rear axle (7.5 tonnes).

New Low Deck

As part of DAF Transport Efficiency, the manufacturer has expanded its model programme with new Low Deck tractor units with a fifth wheel height of only 91 centimetres. This offers opportunities to further improve earnings per kilometre by enabling loading volumes of over 100 m3 within maximum authorised dimensions.

DAF partly achieved the height of 91 cm by installing a 140 mm high fifth wheel: a reduction of 22 mm, compared to the 162 mm for the existing Low Deck versions. The height was also further reduced by fitment of low-profile tyres. For instance, size 315/45R22.5 tyres are used on the rear axles. The front features existing size 355/50R22.5 or the new 375/45R22.5.

The latter has been jointly developed by DAF and Goodyear and will be exclusively available from DAF in the coming year. Naturally, the geometry of the rear axle also plays an important role in realising a lower fifth wheel height of only 91 centimetres, where the torque rods, brackets and yokes have been completely redesigned. Besides the even lower fifth wheel height, this has resulted in an optimal longitudinal trailing. That is why the steering and handling properties of DAF Low Deck tractor units are at an unprecedented high level.

More information

Meanwhile, DAF’s Driver Performance Assistant on LF, CF and XF models provides the driver with detailed feedback on fuel economy, the braking behaviour and how well traffic is anticipated.

As from the new LF 2016 Edition, tachograph information is now also shown on the central
information display. This allow drivers to monitor vehicle speed as well as their driving hours more effectively to avoid infringements. The screen also displays when the truck’s next service inspection is due, ensuring timely maintenance. Based on the driver card, the display switches automatically to the required language, which is useful for the driver.

Information about the superstructure can also be shown on the central display; for example, if the loading crane is not fully folded in or the stabiliser legs are not secured.

This is possible thanks to the enhanced communication between the chassis and superstructure; this also ensures, for example, that the superstructure ‘knows’ whether the transmission is in neutral. In addition, the PTO and engine speed, amongst other things, can now be controlled via the central vehicle CAN, both from the bodywork and from the cab, for maximum efficiency and convenience.