Export & Freight Aug-Sept 2016

So, the UK is out of the European Union, well, not quite. It will take at least another two years before the exit happens, and then what? How will it affect our industry? The truth is, nobody really knows, because it is too soon to say, although many have been expressing their fears.

The Road Haulage Association’s Chief Executive described the vote as ‘an earthquake moment,’ while the Freight Transport Association fears new costs, restrictions and bureaucratic requirements being imposed on moving goods in and out of Europe.

Here, there are other concerns as Ireland is the only country that shares a land border with the UK and the onus is now on the Dublin govertnment to ensure continued free movement throughout the island, as well as with Great Britain, as the industry has done since 1922. Yes, there clearly is plenty to get our heads around in the weeks and months ahead!

That said, it remains ‘business as usual’ for the industry and as you’ll see in this issue of Export & Freight, there are lots of positive developments
to report on, such as the continued growth of the HGV market.  It grew
by almost a fifth in the first quarter of 2016, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. That equates to  more than 10,000 new commercial vehicles over six tonnes being registered in the first three months of the year.

In this issue, too, we turn the spotlight on our local ports where business continues to grow, underlining the strength of our economy despite the political challenges of the moment, and we take a pictorial look back at what was a very successful Export & Freight Masters Golf Day at the Lough Erne resort

Meanwhile, we take this opportunity to wish Andy Magowan, one of the longest-serving members of TBF Thompson,  all the very best in his retirement. He leaves the company in good hands as a new era begins at TBF Thompson , as you’ll read in this issue

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