FREDDs Goes Live at Belfast International Airport

The FREDDs (Free Running Explosive Detection Dogs) cargo screening service has gone live at Belfast International, the only regional airport in the UK and the only airport on the island of Ireland to offer such a service.

It should prove to be a big advantage to exporters in the north and south of Ireland who have previously had cargo fail the standard screening methods, or they’ve had to truck cargo to the continent in order to have it screened by FREDDs.

Each and every one of the dogs involved has undergone intensive training to meet the required standards. The training certification standard is set by the UK government to prepare them for this role and FREDDs have been approved by the CAA as a method of screening aviation cargo for the presence of explosives.

This new method of air cargo security screening will see a reduction in the amount of cargo that misses its intended flights due to failed security screening. While current measures such as Xray & ETD absolutely serve a purpose, the FREDDs offer a more focused approach allowing cargo that would normally fail x-ray or ETD screening to fly as planned.

Our accompanying photograph shows  “Frankie” who will be based in Belfast going forward.