Freight Exchange App To Help Haulage Operators Work Better Together

One of the UK’s largest online freight exchange platforms, Returnloads (part of the Mandata Group), has launched a new smartphone app enabling its members to work in a more integrated way across its technology-led haulage community.

The Returnloads+App is focused on helping members to maintain visibility of their work once they have given the job to another Returnloads member.

Traditionally, visibility was lost once the work was allocated to another member, making it difficult to keep transport teams and customers updated on progress.

The new app provides status tracking updates, job status updates and ETA’s as well as helping capture e-signatures for electronic proof of delivery. This information feeds back directly into Returnloads so everyone can be kept updated. These updates can also be pushed into Mandata transport management software if required.

The app complements the Returnloads portal which allows members to search for work near a vehicle’s collection or delivery point reducing instances of empty running, helping them to make the most of their resources and reduce costs.

It’s a whole new level of visibility and control Returnloads member hauliers and their subcontractors have never had before according to Steve Spark, CRO at Mandata Group. He added: “The technology will play a key role in simplifying work for hauliers who can work closer together to get jobs done. This new app means everyone on the Returnloads platform can benefit from real-time information on the go.

“The new app improves the ability for owner operators to stay in touch with partner hauliers avoiding the stress of having to keep people updated by phone, email or text, and it avoids delays in getting information back, all the while minimising paperwork. It can also benefit the wider Mandata user community now two-way integration is available between Returnloads and our transport management software platforms.

“The app is one of many enhancements we’re introducing to connect and futureproof the industry, ensuring Returnloads and the wider Mandata haulier user community can work more efficiently and effortlessly together.”

Returnloads+ is available to download on any Apple or Android device – for more information, visit