Introducing Texaco Delo 600 ADF, a revolutionary new additive technology

Texaco Delo 600 ADF has been hailed as the first heavy-duty engine oil with the capability to drastically reduce soot build up in DPF filters, providing protection to both the engine and the emissions system.

Suitable for both on- and off-highway application, Texaco Delo 600 ADF with Chevron’s patented OMNIMAX™ technology, is formulated with only 0.4% sulphated ash – far lower than the API and ACEA limit of 1% sulphated ash, as found in many current heavy-duty engine oils.

This new product line and additive technology helps drastically reduce the rate of DPF clogging, resulting in extended DPF service life, less frequent DPF regeneration cycles, and contributing to a 3% improved fuel economy over the life of the equipment.

In a 2020 UK survey commissioned by Texaco Lubricants, 67% of respondents reported issues with the emission control systems, including many that specifically referenced the DPF.

In fact, nearly half of the survey respondents indicated that they’d needed to force a manual regeneration of the DPF to restore its operation in service – an unplanned maintenance activity that keeps the truck off the road and out of service, and that also requires burning of fuel. DPF blockages that required cleaning or replacement were the most commonly reported issues.

Texaco Delo 600 ADF meets or exceeds ACEA E6, E9, and OEM specifications, and has demonstrated outstanding oxidation stability in industry, OEM and field tests, providing the opportunity to extend engine oil drain intervals. Texaco Delo 600 ADF has also delivered superb valve-train wear protection and piston deposit performance.