IVECO ON introduces tailored Pay-per-use Repair & Maintenance service

Iveco has introduced a brand-new service plan approach for its DAILY range that is precisely tailored to the customer’s business and operation.

The new Pay-per-use Repair & Maintenance package is a premium subscription service based on the vehicle data collected through the Connectivity Box, such as missions completed and mileage covered. This means that the maintenance costs will precisely match the customer’s operation of the vehicle, with consequent benefits to their business.

Monica Bertolino, Head of TCO Services & Marketing After Market Solutions, said: The new Maintenance & Repair Pay-per-use formula is a perfect example of IVECO’s customer-centric approach applied to planned service packages. With this service we are developing the potential of the DAILY’s connectivity to take customisation to a high degree we haven’t seen before.

“All businesses have fluctuations in their activity. Our new formula means that their maintenance and repair costs will exactly reflect their use of the vehicle. During periods when the vehicle spends less time on the road or is used in less demanding missions, the customer will spend less on service.”

The new Pay-per-use Repair & Maintenance service is available on both Elements 2XL and 3XL packages, further extending the IVECO ON portfolio of digital services in the Repair & Maintenance cluster, which also includes the other Elements modular service packages.