MAN celebrate in style selling their 150,000th vehicle in the UK

MAN Truck & Bus UK Ltd have just sold their 150,000th vehicle in the UK. The truck, a special build TGX Individual Lion S Tractor, will be operated by family owned Gateshead based Templeman Retailing & Vending Ltd.

Upon hearing that his new truck was the 150,000th MAN vehicle sold in the UK, Neil Templeman, Company Chairman of Templeman Retailing & Vending Ltd, said: “I was both delighted and amazed to receive a call from MAN informing me that one of our new vehicles was indeed the 150,000th MAN to be sold in the UK; who would have thought? It’s an incredible milestone for MAN and we’re thrilled to be part of their journey.

“Once the initial conversation had sunk in we started to think how we could work with MAN Truck & Bus to insure the truck was indeed a standout spectacle, something that would catch the eye of other road users, stick out at truck shows representing our business, and be a guaranteed conversation piece.”

Based on the flagship TGX Individual Lion S model, featuring the biggest cab in the range, the GX, and painted in factory Nardo Grey, the Templeman Retailing & Vending MAN sits on polished Durabright alloy wheels and has been fitted with a custom chassis infill and a one-off hand built catwalk. Attached to this is a custom-built back-lit susie frame which carries the wording “Work Hard – Play Harder”. The chassis in-fill, catwalk, susie frame, battery box and mudguards have all been colour coded to match the Nardo Grey cab.

Adorned with a special one-off livery the 150,000th vehicle features an airbrushed Lion on each side of the cab. Individual in design, the kerbside Lion is soft and thoughtful, pensively looking out into the distance, however, the offside Lion is in full attack mode with a menacing attitude and teeth bared!

Each of the cab’s front corner caps feature airbrushed claw marks, which at first glance look like the vehicle has been mauled in an attack. The rear of the cab has also been airbrushed with a huge Lion’s head with and both the St Andrew’s cross and St George’s flags.