Moy Park places largest single order for IVECO natural gas trucks in the UK

Food supply is critical to a functioning society, but there are a lot of mouths to feed and therefore a lot of ground to cover. As concerns grow over the vehicular impact on the environment, food supply giants Moy Park, Northern Ireland’s largest private sector business and one of the UK’s top food suppliers, has turned to Bio-LNG-fuelled IVECO trucks to help greenify its logistics operation.

Supplied by South West Truck & Van in Avonmouth are 50 IVECO AS440S46TX/P LNG Stralis NP 460 tractors, destined to operate out of the company’s Sleaford and Ashbourne facilities.

These are to run on 100% Bio-LNG sourced through anaerobic digestion, with Roadgas commissioning an on-site refuelling station and providing an extensive training course to those involved in its operation.

The creation of gas fuels through anaerobic digestion means that Moy Park can take advantage of ultimate emissions reductions, negating waste output by collecting the gases given off for vehicle fuel while solids can be used as fertiliser for farms, locking carbon into earth and away from the atmosphere. – This is known as the ‘circular economy’, a methodology IVECO believes will open the door to negative greenhouse gases in vehicular transport. Moy Park has maintained a zero waste to landfill policy since 2015.

The new biogas trucks, run via a 5-year IVECO Capital ops lease are expected to cover around 60,000kms a year each, which Moy Park estimates will offset around an impressive 5,600 tonnes of CO2 annually.

Running day and night to maximise efficiency, all vehicles will return to base for refuelling and have been specified with a tank capacity giving a range of around 400 miles.

While natural gas can deliver an uplift in fuel efficiency over its diesel counterpart, it also reduces CO2 emissions by up to 95% when operating on biomethane fuels.

IVECO natural gas trucks are also capable of running at just 71dB, circumventing noise pollution restrictions to make an ideal partner for the urban leg of any mission or night-time deliveries. The Natural Power Stralis will operate on a mixture of routes, delivering food products to regional delivery hubs and directly into a variety of supermarkets.

“Moy Park’s in-house trials have demonstrated that vehicles running on biomethane reduced CO2 emissions by more than 80%. Following these extensive trials of alternative fuels and vehicle providers, we are investing in 50 liquefied natural gas HGV trucks from IVECO,” commented Hugh Nicholson, Moy Park’s Director of Logistics. “This is a huge step forward in transitioning our own entire core fleet of 120 tractor units to gas by 2023, and we also plan to work with our third-party logistics partners in their CO2 reduction programmes as part of our overall Net Zero Carbon strategy.”