New CIHT President highlights the need to take Climate Action

The Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (CIHT) new President, Neil Johnstone, has called for a need for all transportation professionals to ‘take personal steps and help take action against climate change’.

“Our new ways of working, and indeed living, are now embedded in our day-to-day lives. This great period of change has seen us embrace new technologies, work smarter and be prepared to try new things. This has presented CIHT with a great opportunity to use this new acceptance of change to continue to expand the support we give our members,” he said.

Neil Johnstone

“I have always been a great supporter of change management and throughout my career have always sought to have this as a focus. Climate Action is one of CIHT’s key themes and will need all of us to make changes if we are to rise to the challenge. And that challenge is clear.

“Managed change has to be a better form of Climate Action than reacting to catastrophic change. We need to do things differently (using change management principles) to rise to the challenge of Net Zero and the decarbonisation of the transport industry. This is the time to show professional leadership and it is our role in the professions to hold up standards (and build public confidence).”

“We must also take personal action and accept that we must change.

“We cannot continue with what we have always done in a professional capacity if we are to provide the climate actions needed. Predict and provide, use of scarce resources, building our way out of a recession – these are not things we can do anymore if we really do want to achieve Net Zero.”

As part of CIHT’s year under Neil Johnstone, this increased focus on climate action will see the Institution raising awareness of the need for action and the need to embrace change; embedding decarbonisation at the core of its CPD offer – by making it even easier for members to fulfil their commitments via CIHT Learn; releasing a programme of content that show how members must provide leadership in climate action; and leading by example – creating clearer mentoring paths for the future of the profession

Neil Johnstone has over 40 years of experience having worked in contracting, local government and consultancy. For 25 years Neil worked throughout UK for Halcrow/CH2M, becoming managing director of its activities in continental Europe where he oversaw work in a range of sectors including transport, energy and water.

He studied civil engineering at Edinburgh University and went on to achieve a Masters at Glasgow University while working for Lothian Regional Council.

In 2015 he joined SYSTRA where he led the integration of the acquisitions of JMP and SIAS. In July 2017 he has launched his own venture (CONSULT-NJ LTD) offering services in transportation and business change.