New Daily Offers a Safer & More Efficient Drive Than Ever Before

Over the past 40 years the Iveco Daily has become a brand in its own right, recognised for its uniqueness and as one of the most comprehensive line-ups of light commercial vehicles in this segment.

As Van& PickUp Ireland’s Phil Eaglestone reports from a recent ‘Ride & Drive’ event at the Millbrook testing ground,  New Daily introduces a complete range of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems that enable the driver to focus on their job, which today can require an increasing degree of multitasking, whilst also improving their safety.

The Advanced Emergency Braking System and City Brake PRO prevents collisions at speeds below 30 mph, and mitigates the impact at higher speeds. It autonomously detects the potential for a collision ahead and brakes accordingly if the driver doesn’t intervene in time, ensuring their safety. The New Daily goes even further with the City Brake PRO, which operates to prevent accidents when driving as slowly as 3 mph – such as when crawling in heavy traffic.

The New Daily also uses technology to reduce the driver’s stress levels. On urban missions, where customers can make slow progress along congested roads, Queue Assist will make a big difference by following the vehicle ahead and coming safely to a standstill, eliminating the stress of stop-start traffic. The New Daily is also the first 7.2-tonne vehicle on the market to offer the Queue Assist and City Brake PRO functionalities.

When Adaptive Cruise Control is combined with the Queue Assist, it maintains the set speed and safety distance from the vehicle ahead, while ProActive Lane Keeping Assist prevents the van from involuntarily drifting out of the lane with an active steering support. In case of lateral wind gusts, Crosswind Assist helps the driver to maintain the vehicle’s stability in the lane.

The New Daily reduces fatigue and improves productivity with the Electric Parking Brake, which automatically engages when the vehicle is parked and disengages when the driver is ready to drive away. On urban multi-stop missions such as parcel delivery, this feature lessens the discomfort which can arise from repetitive arm movements and is estimated to save up to five hours a month, improving the driver’s productivity. This feature has the added advantage of freeing up additional space for the driver to move across the cab comfortably, as the traditional hand brake lever is no longer required.

The new LED lights have a much sharper beam that carries further, improving visibility and obstacle perception by 15 per cent, further enhancing safety in low-light conditions. City Mode increases the power steering assistance, reducing the effort to turn the wheel by up to 70 per cent, making it easy to manoeuvre in city streets.

The New Daily also helps the driver in challenging driving conditions with features such as Hill Descent Control, which helps them drive downhill slowly and safely on long, steep slopes, and Traction Plus, which keeps a firm grip on slippery surfaces, such as sand, mud or snow. The New Daily is the first vehicle in its class to offer these two features on rear wheel drive models.

More in the Jan-Feb print issue of Export & Freight