New Tough and Stylish Ford Transit Trail and Active Models Will Have Broad Appeal

Ford’s new Trail and Active variants for the Transit and Tourneo ranges, which are available to order now for delivery during this autumn, were recently put on show at a special event at the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire where Van Ireland’s Phil Eaglestone managed to get up close and personal with them.

Described as rugged and rough-road-capable, these new versatile models will undoubtedly have broad appeal; they certainly perform as well as they look, with the Transit Trail and Transit Custom Trail designed specifically to operate in tougher working environments, ideal for those whose work takes them to challenging terrain away from normal roads.

Front-wheel-drive Transit and Transit Custom Trail models are fitted with a mechanical limited-slip differential (mLSD) as standard, and Transit Trail is available with Intelligent All-Wheel Drive for more challenging terrain and weather conditions.

Developed in partnership with driveline technology specialists Quaife, the mLSD automatically transfers engine torque in low grip conditions to the wheel with the most traction, allowing Transit Trail and Transit Custom Trail to more comfortably tackle unpaved roads, gravel tracks and rugged or challenging surfaces.

The vehicle’s Electronic Stability Control system has also been recalibrated to harmonise with the mLSD. The same technology has previously been used to enhance the traction and handling characteristics of Ford Performance models including the Focus RS, Fiesta ST and Focus ST, and has no impact on CO2 emissions or fuel efficiency.

In addition to improving front-wheel drive Transit models’ capability, the mLSD’s compact size and lightweight design maintains optimised payloads and full interior load volume. Enhanced traction is delivered seamlessly and silently, with no additional inputs required from the driver. The mLSD’s simple, mechanical design also has no additional servicing requirements and is covered by the standard Ford warranty, preserving Transit’s attractive cost of ownership.

Versatile Active

Meanwhile, new Transit and Tourneo Custom Active models add rugged SUV style and enhanced practicality with unique design features and a revised specification to suit the demands of both private and business users.

Offering generous space and load carrying capacity to enable adventurous lifestyles, the new Active models follow the success of the Ford Fiesta Active and Focus Active passenger vehicles.

For users requiring additional capability in more challenging driving conditions to support their work or leisure needs, Transit Custom Active and Tourneo Custom Active with manual transmission can also be specified with the mLSD.

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