New Waste Management System Cleans Up At International Packaging Company

A new racksack system from Beaverswood is improving the collection and segregation of waste at the UK and Ireland’s largest independent suppliers of industrial packaging and food service products.

Zeus Packaging (UK) Ltd, which is a leading specialist in distribution and manufacturing, supplying a diverse range of products to a wide range of markets both globally and in the UK, recently invested in 50 new hard-wearing racksacks at its 97,000 sq. ft. headquarters in Biggleswade in Bedfordshire.

The move is already reaping rewards, with the company reporting significant improvements in the efficient segregation and management of waste materials as staff pick and fulfil delivery orders in a 24/7 operation.

Suspended from the end of each shelving line, labelled racksacks support picking operations, helping to keep the workplace tidier and free from potential slip or trip hazards. It also contributes to saving floor space, as pickers are able to handily dispose of paper, plastic ties, clips and other waste, which is then emptied into onsite balers and skips before being sent for offsite recycling.

Zeus Packaging estimates that its investment in the new system, which sees waste segregated as orders are processed and shipped rather than laboriously gathered up and sifted at the end of each shift, will deliver significant savings over the long term. It’s also contributing to general all-round improvements in housekeeping performance at a busy operational site, while supporting a safer working environment for the Biggleswade workforce.

Brian Davey, who assisted in the implementation of the new system at Zeus Packaging, said the company plans to incorporate further racksack systems at its other sites in West Bromwich and Norwich following the success of the first installation.

He said: “We have invested in racksack in order to assist with our good housekeeping and to help with waste segregation, which makes us more efficient and helps us to push on with our recycling programme throughout the company.

“Although its early days, we recognise its benefits and it is now our intention to invest further with systems at all our other UK depots.”

Manufactured from hard wearing woven polypropylene to withstand the rigours of the warehouse environment, racksack hangs neatly off the ends of shelving and racking systems that are between 900mm to 1100mm deep. Sacks are available in one of three designs to allow for rapid waste segregation: mixed paper and card, plastic only and general waste.