Renault Trucks Maintains its Positions in 2019

With 54,098 vehicles invoiced, Renault Trucks maintained its positions in 2019 in a commercial vehicle market consisting of a very dynamic first half and a less buoyant second half.  In the over 6 tonne segment, the French manufacturer held on to a stable market share in Europe (8.5%) and maintained its dominant position in France with a 27.9% market share.

Breakdown of invoicing by destination and tonnage

  • France: 24,621 units invoiced (+2 %)
  • Europe: 24,544 units invoiced (-9 %)
  • International: 4,933 units invoiced (+10%)
  • Heavy and mid-ranges: 35,950 units invoice
  • Utility vehicles: 18,148 units invoiced

Sales volumes remain steady in a turbulent European market

Renault Trucks maintained its sales volumes in a European market with a very dynamic first half (up 15%) and a less buoyant second half marked by an 18% fall.

In the over 6 tonne European segment, Renault Trucks posted a market share of 8.5%, which held stable compared with 2018.

In the over 16 tonne European market, the manufacturer recorded a slight 0.1 point drop in market share, while increasing its market share by 0.3 points on the mid-range 6-16 tonne ranges.

10% increase in international volumes

Volumes rose 10% internationally, with 4,993 trucks invoiced. In a difficult context with a very low European market down 28%, Renault Trucks gained market share in all countries.

In particular, the French manufacturer achieved a historic performance in the over 16 tonne segment in Turkey, with market share up 3 points to 8.8%.

Renault Trucks also strengthened its dominant position in Algeria with 26% market share (over 16 tonnes). Manufacture of Renault Trucks Range C and K started in 2019 at the constructor’s assembly plant in Meftah, producing 850 trucks. In 2020, D-range vehicles will also be assembled in the factory.

Record volumes for used vehicles                                  

In 2019, invoices for used vehicles jumped 11% to 9,442 units. In a difficult context with a very large supply of used vehicles on the market, Renault Trucks maintained a low level of stocks, thanks largely to the roll-out of unique, special offers:

  • The T Selection offer, which comprises used vehicles inspected on 200 points, selected according to age and mileage and benefiting from a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Customised models from the Used Trucks Factory in Bourg-en-Bresse, including the Renault Trucks T X-Road and the T P-Road, tractors transformed into rigids according to strict industrial processes and providing an optimal response to customers’ needs.
  • Special VO series, such as the T 01 Racing, totally revamped by Renault Trucks designers.

Finally, 23 sites were awarded the “Used Trucks by Renault Trucks” label in 2019. This label guarantees rigorous selection and preparation of vehicles for customers, as well as an extensive range of vehicles and services. The manufacturer aims to have awarded the label to 70 sites by 2020.

After-sales activity remained strong in 2019

Renault Trucks recorded a solid 3% increase in spare parts sales in 2019, despite a decline in transport activity.

The portfolio of vehicles under maintenance contracts for more than 36 months also grew by 13%, with more than 35,000 vehicles under contract.

2019 was also marked by the launch of the predictive maintenance offer, Start & Drive Excellence Predict, in fifteen European countries for T and T High range vehicles.

In 2020, Renault Trucks will extend this offer to the C, K and D and D Wide Z.E. ranges.

Electric mobility becomes an industrial and commercial reality

2019 marked the launch of Renault Trucks electric trucks. The French manufacturer offers a comprehensive 100% electric range from 3.1 to 26 tonnes, the widest on the market. Customers are placing their trust in Renault Trucks, which has announced the signing of a historic contract with the Carlsberg group for the delivery of twenty D Wide Z.E.

2020 marks the start of series production of Renault Trucks electric trucks at the manufacturer’s plant in Blainville-sur-Orne.

Over the next four years, Renault Trucks is set to invest an additional 150 million euros in electromobility. The manufacturer predicts that electric vehicles will represent 10% of its sales volume by 2025.