Renault Trucks Showcases Extensive Decarbonisation Solutions

Renault Trucks returned to ITT Hub this week with a line-up that showcases its commitment to decarbonise transport through vehicles, technology and innovations that are available today to help meet the industry’s pressing sustainability ambitions of tomorrow.

Leading the charge on the ITT Hub Ride & Drive circuit, Renault Trucks fielded a fully-electric trio from its E-Tech range allowing visitors to test drive for themselves the breadth of applications that are already making the switch to electric:

  • 26 tonne Renault Trucks E-Tech D 2.3m 6×2 Low Entry Cab equipped with CP Davidson Titan refuse collection body. The low entry cab offers easier and safer access and egress, with excellent direct vision, ideal for urban applications.
  • 16 tonne Renault Trucks E-Tech D 4×2, equipped with Bevans box body, powered by four 66kWh lithium-ion batteries, the AC synchronous motor with permanent-magnet technology delivering maximum power of 185 kW, continuous power of 130 kW and maximum torque of 425 Nm. This vehicle can cover up to 200km on a single charge.
  • 3.1 tonne Renault Trucks E-Tech Master OptiTipper, ideal for municipal applications including parks maintenance, and as a flexible alternative for skips where access is tight. Fitted with steel and aluminium caged tipper body, with 900kgs payload and powered by a 57kW 100% electric motor with 33kWh Lithium-ion battery, the OptiTipper delivers 120km range.

The focus on sustainable transport solutions continued on the Renault Trucks stand with vehicles from across the range. including:

  • 26 tonne E-Tech D 2.3m with Solomon refrigerated body equipped with fridge connection that supplies the energy required for the refrigeration system directly from the vehicle’s 600 V traction batteries.
  • 18 tonne E-Tech D 2.3m two-axle chassis for improved manoeuvrability, the ideal vehicle for temperature-controlled distribution, with an optimised payload.
  • 16 tonne E-Tech D with SB Components Box body fabricated using recycled and recyclable materials including payload-friendly Ecofont panels that contain c 1,292 recycled PET bottles, and equipped with roof-mounted solar panel system, which can produce 200w of energy per hour back into the 24V batteries (with full sun), to power the tail lift.


Renault Trucks dedicated LCV Innovation Zone featured a brand new innovation in mobile parcel lockers, the BeeBox.  Trialled successfully in the city of Lyon, the BeeBox delivers mobile containers pre-loaded with up to 100 packages, to locations across the city on the back of a 100% electric L3H2 Renault Trucks E-Tech Master.

Customers receive a text message with a code to pick or drop off their package within 24 hours at the BeeBox, which has been positioned less that 300m from their home.