RHA Conditions of Carriage 2020 – Don’t risk running without them

Insurance. Not one of the most exciting topics of conversation but if you’re a road transport operator it’s vital. It protects you, your business, and the loads you carry for other people.

The RHA’s Conditions of Carriage, revised for 2020, provide peace of mind, load protection and are one of the key benefits of membership. They define a haulier’s legal responsibility with their customers. So why run the risk of running without them?

Just-in-time deliveries and last-minute orders can sometimes be put at risk. However, by incorporating the RHA Conditions into the contract could save operators a fortune should a problem arise.

For example, unless agreed otherwise with the customer, the Conditions set a limit of £1,300 per tonne on the gross weight of goods lost, wrongly delivered, or damaged. Not using them simply exposes the carrier to Common Law and claims for consequential loss.

Without their protection the operator could be held responsible for the full value of a consignment that had suffered minor damage while in their care. In extreme circumstances operators could find themselves liable for losses resulting from the closure of an entire production line because of a delayed delivery.

RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said: “Such is the reliability and scope of the Conditions; they are recognized as the industry standard. By using them you are insuring your liability, not the goods.

“Customers need to take out their own insurance to cover their goods, but members should send them a copy of the RHA Conditions and quote their use every time they discuss a rate for a job. If they don’t, they’re leaving themselves wide open.”

Concluding Richard Burnett said: “It’s simple. If you’re an RHA member, you’re covered. If you’re not – you’re not. Any non-member using them is doing so under false pretences and we will not hesitate to prosecute.”

To receive the updated conditions, RHA members should go to Conditions of Carriage and provide your RHA membership number.