Road Haulage Association launches National Lorry Week

National Lorry WeekFrom 26th-31st October 2015, the Road Haulage Association will be staging a national awareness campaign, ‘National Lorry Week.’

This has been developed to demonstrate to the public and politicians the vital role that lorries and road freight play in moving the economy and daily life. The theme of the week is ‘Love the Lorry’.

Commented RHA Chief Executive Richard Burnett: “Eighty-five per cent of everything we eat, wear and buy and use is moved, at some point, on the back of a UK-registered lorry. Without us, supermarket shelves would be empty, homes would not be built and manufacturing plants would grind to a halt. This industry employs over 2.2 million people and, quite literally, delivers the UK economy – to which it contributes £74.5b.

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