SAF Tire Pilot keeps Greyroads rolling at the critical point

    Greyroads Haulage of Oswestry were singing the praises of the SAF Tire Pilot auto inflation system after a vicious-looking 6-inch piece of metal pierced the wall of a trailer tyre.  Despite being embedded some 4 inches into the wall of the tyre, Tire Pilot maintained the correct operating pressure keeping the trailer safely on the road.  

    Greyroads Director, Simon Yarwood reported that even though the £300 tyre had sustained significant damage, because Tire Pilot had kept it inflated for a further three and a half days after the puncture, it was possible for it to be repaired for just £45.

    Simon went on to say: ‘The Tire Pilot system has provided us at Greyroads a return on investment within 12 months.  The system has also saved us £1,000 minimum in maintenance per trailer each year after, this is without factoring in other costs to us such as roadside call out charges.  The system also increases our uptime and allows us to repair or replace tyres at the end of the week rather than during working hours.  Most importantly we are now a safer fleet with the risk of a blowout on one of our trailers significantly reduced.’

    The SAF Tire Pilot system is available exclusively through IMS Limited.  IMS Limited is the specialist importer & distributor of premium products for the commercial vehicle market.  For further information visit