Securing the Load with Hestal’s CargoMaster Strap Lift System

Hestal, a member of the BPW Group, manufactures innovative, high quality trailer body technology including sliding pillars, roof systems, aluminium flatbed platforms, doors and door furniture.

A more recent offering to the range is CargoMaster, the company’s patented cargo strap lift system which automatically lifts back into the roof when not in use.

These wide straps are tensioned with a manual ratchet and attached to both side raves with a rave hook. Unlike the standard strap design, the wider straps spread the tension load over a wider base reducing the chance of damage to vulnerable loads. Strap sizes vary depending on the operation.

The user friendly CargoMaster, which can be retrofitted, meets both pallet network and automotive delivery demands. A guided roller bearing carriage runs the full length of the trailer roof maximising haulage capacity, with a side pulley trolley improving side loading. It significantly improves unloading times.

Both easy to operate and cost-effective to maintain, the system uses readily available industry standard ratchet straps and extremely robust bungee cords. By fully encasing loads and strapping them directly to the vehicle chassis, this versatile system can secure loads of varying shapes and sizes. With a strong focus on safety, the CargoMaster reduces health and safety infringements and load securing incidents.

The system also has many in-built safety features to protect drivers, such as strap retarders,which prevent the straps releasing too quickly and causing any harm.

Highly rated by both transport operators and drivers for its performance, safety features and versatility out on the road, CargoMaster reduces unloading times for faster deliveries and meets DVSA requirements.