Solutrans 2021 Reveals Thermo King Axle Power with BPW’s ePower Axle

Thermo King in partnership with BPW revealed new AxlePower technology at the Solutrans exhibition in Lyon, France.

The AxlePower technology with BPW’s ePower axle is a highly innovative energy recovery system for trailer refrigeration units, which delivers immediate and long-term sustainability benefits while also helping cut day-to-day operating costs.

Francesco Incalza, president of Thermo King in Europe, Middle East and Africa, commented: “Sustainability is undoubtfully front and centre for the transport industry. For decades, Thermo King has considered it our responsibility to advance transport refrigeration, designing and manufacturing products for our customers that reflect our environmental awareness and answer ever-new challenges.

Thermo King was the first to offer true hybrid and non-diesel truck and trailer refrigeration solutions. Today, combining our expertise, research and development with BPW, we’re introducing new technology that turns the energy typically lost by a trailer during transit into clean, sustainable power for trailer refrigeration units.”

Thore Bakker General Manager Trailer Solutions & Mobility Services at BPW, added: “We are proud to present a climate-efficient solution for refrigerated transport that implements our strategy of system and mobility partnership just perfectly: Vehicle operators can rely on operational safety, mobility and service around the clock with the European service networks of Thermo King and BPW.

“Additional benefit is that the customised cooling solutions fit seamlessly in vehicle manufacturers processes. Whether air suspension, spring centres, wheel ends or interfaces – nothing changes, nothing has to be redesigned. In this way, we are making a joint contribution to the breakthrough of emission-free refrigerated transport.”

Across global cold chains, trailer vehicles routinely dissipate energy due to constant braking and deaccelerating in traffic and in downhill routes. At the same time, transport companies are seeking the most sustainable energy sources, both in terms of CO2 emissions and noise, to power their refrigerated trailers. The new AxlePower technology results from a partnership of two technology leaders for freight transport solutions that combined their competences to answer these needs and deliver a solution, which will drastically reduce the environmental impact of refrigerated trailers.

The AxlePower technology is a fully integrated system that combines Thermo King hybrid or fully electric trailer refrigeration units, BPW’s ePower axle energy recovery system, and battery storage technologies developed to create an efficient, autonomously powered trailer refrigeration solution. The system stores the energy generated while the vehicle is rolling or braking in a high voltage battery and reuses it to power the refrigeration unit and keep the cargo at optimal temperature.