Survey Aims to Identify Impact on Industry Caused by Recent Challenges

Transport Training Services has commissioned a survey to determine the level of impact that Brexit, the NI Protocol and the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the transport industry in Northern Ireland and the barriers to resolving the issues.

“While there is an understanding of the goods transport and haulage sector in the UK generally, we need to fully understand the situation and perspective in Northern Ireland,” comments Michael Strain, Chief Executive Officer of TTS.

“To achieve clarity, we have commissioned Ulster University to help us develop an on-line survey that will gather this data in a compact and easy to complete survey.

“The output of this will give a true and focused picture of the haulage sector in NI, providing robust figures and statistics to use for supporting arguments and lobbying the Government and local councils. Another area covered is that of the Apprenticeship Levey being paid by qualifying companies.”

In an open letter to CEO’s, MDs and Transport Managers, he invites them to complete the survey, saying: “The aim of this research is to understand this sector in Northern Ireland and specifically the challenges and difficulties faced with driver shortages.  There appears to be no research on Northern Ireland specifically and our particular nuances and perspective which is critical – this is your opportunity to ensure that the sector in Northern Ireland is fully understood in detail.

“All responses are confidential and anonymous – all I ask is that you answer honestly.  You will not be identified in any way and no personal information will be shared or stored.”

To complete the survey, following the link: