Survey shows majority of people keen to travel despite COVID-19 pandemic

Stena Line has undertaken a huge survey of its customers to gauge attitudes towards this year’s potential travel destinations and preferred modes of travel.

Some 84,309 responses were received by Stena Line from 11 countries across Northern Europe, with positive sentiment towards car and ferry travel in Europe and neighbouring countries apparent after COVID-19.

Good news for the travel industry is that overall attitudes towards travel remain strong, with 78% of the respondents saying they will travel same or more than before.

When choosing a destination, the trend is to stay in Europe (44%) or visit a neighbouring country (42%). Only 1% said that they will avoid travel completely.

In the UK the number one destination is overwhelmingly the island of Ireland for 46% of people, with almost one third (32%) of UK respondents wanting to visit the Republic of Ireland (ROI), and Northern Island the second choice of destination Northern Ireland 14%.

Similarly, the number one destination of choice customers living in the ROI is the UK (33%). With only 7% indicating they would be holidaying in ROI. 90% of respondents indicated they want to holiday in countries not on the ROI’s Green List.