TomTom & Webfleet Solutions Collaborate on Integrated Mobile Solution for Drivers and Fleet Managers

Webfleet Solutions, a Bridgestone company, has partnered with mapmaker and location technology specialist TomTom (TOM2) to launch the WEBFLEET Work App and TomTom Go Fleet App.

The companies have combined their expertise to create a single source for fleet managers and drivers to address the unique set of challenges they face every day, including route compliance, on-time deliveries and safety concerns.

WEBFLEET Work App empowers professional drivers to get their jobs done easily and efficiently with nothing more than their Android mobile devices.

Fleet managers and their drivers have access to a wide range of workforce management features without the need for any additional hardware. This includes locating vehicles, logging working times, registering drivers, setting trip modes, managing orders and schedules and staying in touch with the back office via two-way communication.

TomTom GO Fleet application is seamlessly integrated, allowing drivers to always have the most up-to-date maps with traffic and navigation at their fingertips in a single location. They can automatically start their route to their order destination conveniently from the Work App, and fleet managers benefit from real-time visibility of the current ETA and destination.

Advanced Truck Routing

With WEBFLEET Work App in conjunction with TomTom GO Fleet, drivers get professional navigation for all types of vehicles. Advanced truck routing is also available based on their vehicle’s attributes, cargo type, local regulations and road characteristics.

In addition, TomTom GO Fleet assists truck drivers by locating dedicated points of interest (POIs) for large vehicles such as parking and fuel stations, and by offering the most up-to-date maps, even when there is no connectivity. The app also includes reliable ETAs and real-time traffic info, which will enable drivers to meet deadlines with ease and lower fuel costs.

Paul Verheijen, Vice President Product Management at Bridgestone Mobility Solutions commented: “WEBFLEET Work App is the perfect solution for businesses and drivers who want to leverage their existing mobile devices to effectively manage day-to-day tasks. Setup and onboarding are quick and easy, allowing great flexibility with an intuitive user interface, making it a perfect combination with the TomTom GO Fleet app. Together we can offer even greater value to our customers providing an integrated solution.”

Mike Schoofs, Managing Director at TomTom Enterprise, added: “Simplifying location technology and helping to solve challenges for drivers has always been at the heart of TomTom.

“It’s exciting to work with partners who have similar goals as us, like Webfleet Solutions. This collaboration has enabled both companies to integrate what they do best into one solution for professional drivers.”