TyreWatch cuts costs and carbon for safety conscious fleet managers

TyreWatch has introduced a unique tyre management platform with a range of monitoring systems which enables fleet managers across all commercial sectors to reduce running costs and increase safety while limiting the environmental impact of their operation.   

Two of these systems recently launched in the UK are AutoAlign, for wheel alignment monitoring and  VanSmart, a tyre management system for light commercial vehicles – particularly in urban use.

AutoAlign is a dynamic and unique vehicle monitoring system designed to combat the problem of wheel misalignment – unknowingly suffered by around 33% of all commercial vehicles in the UK.

Industry research gathered by TyreWatch concludes that on UK roads today, there are 18.7 million vehicles operating with incorrect wheel alignment – a potentially dangerous and costly condition which can go undetected for months. Normally it takes a scheduled maintenance interval or manual vehicle check to detect any problems and allow corrective action to be taken before excessive tyre tread abrasion contributes to vehicle particulate emissions (PM2.5 and PM10) as identified by the World Health Organisation.

Now, by using the market proven TyreWatch ‘connected technology’ platform, operators can rely on AutoAlign to continuously monitor each vehicle and detect any wheel alignment issue as soon as it occurs, while automatically notifying management so that immediate action can be taken.

“This is all about good-old prevention rather than cure!” says Mark Longden, co-founder of TyreWatch. “While we already have a mobile wheel and chassis alignment service in place, this new technology uses bespoke wheel sensors in harness with F1-grade telematics to enable vehicle operators to remotely identify any misalignment issues before they become a serious and costly problem.”

In addition to cost and safety implications, enabling corrective action to be taken offers the additional benefit of a significant reduction in harmful emissions. “Just one degree out of alignment between the wheels and/or the vehicle centre will cause a 10% deficiency in tyre wear,” explains Mark. “Early corrective action will greatly reduce carbon output and keep PM 10 and PM 2.5 tyre particulate emissions to a minimum.”

Also recently launched is a new version of the widely-used TyreWatch VanSmart tyre monitoring system which, says the company, improves safety and reduces running costs for light commercial vehicle operators.

The range of TyreWatch solutions is designed to optimise fleet efficiency as Glenn Sherwood, Director, explains: “Continuous tyre monitoring, using advanced telematics and powerful artificial intelligence, provides real-time and constant visibility of the precise condition of every individual tyre. All tyre issues are detected from the outset before they can become a problem which enables timely and safe maintenance or repairs while minimising downtime, risk and running cost.

“In today’s connected world,” Glenn continues, “responsible operators in every sector can expect a fleet tyre pressure management system (TPMS) solution to support their vehicles over every mile of every journey they make.”

According to TyreWatch, their dynamic monitoring systems deliver substantial savings, not only in tyre replacement, but also in fuel efficiency, down time and the costs typically associated with a tyre blow out.

“TyreWatch can eliminate 95% of all blow outs caused by underinflated tyres,” says Glenn. “Through receipt of real time proactive pressure and temperature alerts, operators have the ability to schedule tyre repairs and replacements, even while the vehicle is in motion.”