Logistics UK responds to Consortia Block Exemption Regulation decision

Nichola Mallon, Head of Trade at business group Logistics UK, has responded to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) decision regarding the Consortia Block Exemption Regulation.

“The decision that the CMA will not recommend to the Secretary of State for Business and Trade that the current Consortia Block Exemption Regulation (CBER) be replaced with a UK block exemption when the existing CBER expires on 25 April 2024, is good news for member businesses that ship goods internationally.

“It is a move which Logistics UK gave its full backing to in response to the CMA’s consultation in December 2023,” she adds.

“Logistics UK acknowledged the robust methodology, thorough analysis and scenario modelling used by the CMA in reaching this conclusion and agreed that the conditions to warrant a CBER do not exist. In addition, our members believe that self-assessment is the best and most effective way for co-operations to be undertaken by shipping lines.

“We believe that UK trade is best facilitated by solutions that find the right balance between the needs of and benefits to shipping lines, exporters and importers shipping goods. Logistics UK is now looking to government to implement this recommendation.”