For almost 50 years, Export & Freight magazine has been enjoyed by the business community in Ireland, keen to absorb key information on products and services dedicated to the export and transport business.

Circulation Profile
Export & Freight is distributed on a controlled basis, sent free of charge to named individuals within a variety of related industry sectors.

Road Transport
The Road Transport Sector is furnished by readers from the general haulage, hire and reward, own account and major blue chip logistics arenas, comprising 55% of total circulation.

The Export Sector comprises readers directly involved in selecting services and equipment for the distribution of finished goods worldwide, via land, air and sea, comprising 25% of total circulation.

Commercial Vehicle Sector
Suppliers to the Commercial Vehicle Sector include vehicle manufacturers and distributors and materials handling equipment suppliers, comprising 10% of total circulation – due to the finite number of actual distributors in Ireland.

The Shipping Sector includes readers from freight and passenger ferry operations, lift-on lift-off container shippers, freight forwarders, shipping agents, ports and airport and makes up 10% of total circulation.

Van Ireland
The Van sector continues to be a growing market and attracts an increasing number of readers from a variety of arenas, including those involved in distribution, utilities, parts/servicing and maintenance.

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