TEST REPORT – Daily 4X4 Proves Itself at MillBrook

The tough environment of the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire provided the perfect opportunity to put Iveco’s Daily 4×4 to the test, as Export & Freight’s Phil Eaglestone discovered recently.

The sprawling 665-acre site includes more than 45 miles of on and off road test tracks with a range of challenging terrain and features. Even the weather played a part – at a chilly minus three degrees!

A couple of hours behind the wheel of the Daily 4×4 certainly proved to us that the Iveco was more than up for the challenge. Thanks to its 24 gears, outstanding climbing ability and special off-road features, you can take the Daily 4×4 across any terrain.

Available in 3.5 and 5.5 tonnes, the Daily 4×4, of course, competes in a small but very important market niche of working 4×4 vehicles. It is a market that has grown over the years reflecting the importance of the market segment; that of professional all wheel drive vehicles that are able to go anywhere and are expected to do so, typically with users such as utility companies and specialist applications. img_5132

As we discovered, it rides high off the ground giving us an excellent field of view, which is essential given that ‘off road’ often means no roads!

This really is a ‘go anywhere’ vehicle, and it does so in style. Indeed, the Daily 4×4 is immediately recognisable by the cab style, with a steel 3-piece front bumper in which are mounted the fog and dipped headlights. The fuel tank is also well protected and the rear under-run protection bar folds up.

No matter how rough and rugged the terrain, interior cab comforts help smooth out the bumps. From the new high-comfort seat the driver has, as we mentioned, complete front visibility, while the intuitive ergonomic position of all controls and switches, together with a more efficient climate control system (both manual and automatic), create the perfect working environment.

Other special features include an automatic door window drop by 12 mm to ease door closing, driver and passenger assistance handles to aid entrance to and egress from the cab. Differential lock switches and transfer box controls are mounted within easy reach of the driver as are the document and other storage facilities, while DIN slots are included for radio and tachograph, if required.

Standard seating comprises a single 3 position driver’s seat and a dual passenger seat. Driver and the outer passenger seating positions are equipped with 3 point lap and diagonal seat belts with a 2 point lap seat belt for the central passenger position.

img_5141Off road it may be but environmentally sound it most certainly is. The Daily 4×4 is certified to the Euro IV emission levels and comes equipped with a Diesel Particulate Filter as part of its standard equipment. Thanks to the advanced common rail fuel injection system, continuous regeneration of the filter is ensured even when the engine isn’t working particularly hard, such as stationary power take off conditions.

The 180 hp engine is coupled to the ZF 6S400 overdrive transmission and the remote mounted transfer box with a third differential to provide permanent four wheel drive under all conditions, off and on road. Yes, as we came to appreciate during our time at Millbrook, when the going gets tough, the Daily 4×4 keeps moving no matter what – and the availabilioty of an extensive range of bodies, combined with the extreme vehicle performance, make it the perfect partner for businesses required to work off the beaten track.