Bridgestone and Webfleet Accelerate Fleet Electrification

Bridgestone Mobility Solutions, the business of Bridgestone focused on data-driven mobility solutions including Europe’s leading fleet management solution Webfleet, have announced the world’s first comprehensive EV Services Platform for fleets.

The EV Services Platform is a unique ecosystem that integrates solutions from industry leading mobility and energy providers into a single platform.

Businesses with fleets will be able to access a wide range of advanced EV services easier, faster and with a lower cost of integration, accelerating electrification and optimising EV operations.

The platform creates a seamless connection between these service providers based on fleet and energy data.

Webfleet, the launch partner for the EV Services Platform, will provide essential vehicle data insights that enhance the EV services provided by connected partners. The end result for fleets is a one-stop shop for a simple and successful electrification journey.

“As businesses across the world step up to cut carbon emissions, electrification is top of mind for many fleets,” said Taco Olthoff, EV Program Director, Bridgestone Mobility Solutions. “But the route to electrification comes with challenges–high investments, maintaining a reliable operation and optimising your business to increase range and cut costs. These issues can only be solved when the energy and mobility industry collaborate. For EV service providers the goal is to integrate in a scalable way to properly address the challenges fleet customers face.

“Seamless data exchange is the missing link – the thing that unlocks the full value that energy and mobility service providers can deliver by integrating their systems much closer than ever before.

“This is why our EV Services Platform is such a game changer. A fleet manager can, for example, get range information to allocate the most suitable vehicle to get a specific job done. This trip information can then be shared with their charging management provider to select which vehicle should be charged and when based on the required battery level and trip schedule.”

Fleet customers will be able to seamlessly share data between any of the connected EV service providers to streamline electric fleet operations. Users will always stay in full control of their own data, deciding which data will be shared, when and how.

The platform is open to other partners in the e-mobility ecosystem with the goal of offering a complete range of services to fleets in a way that is flexible to their business needs.

EV service providers that would like to integrate their offerings on the EV Services Platform and enhance their services using fleet and energy data can become an EV Services Platform Partner by registering at: