GRASSMEN visit Crossland Tankers Swatragh facility

Crossland Tankers recently played host to a team from Ballymena based GRASSMEN, the fast-paced, global agriculture phenomenon whose video content and merchandise are recognised worldwide.

They were given a guided tour of the Crossland Tankers facilities in Swatragh to explore the manufacturing processes, witness the cutting-edge technology and learn more about their commitment to delivering excellence in the industry.

During their visit, which was filmed for their own TV channel on Youtube, they had the opportunity to engage with Crossland Tankers engineers, technicians and manufacturing experts, allowing them to gain valuable insights into their innovative practices.

They saw first-hand the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into producing Crossland’s world-class tanker and trailer solutions and were introduced to each stage of the manufacturing process, gaining an in-depth understanding of how this industry-leading equipment comes to life.

The visitors from GRASSMEN, established in 2009 by Gareth Gault, saw the integration of advanced technology, including computer-aided design (CAD) systems, precision engineering and skilled welding, and came away very impressed with the fully equipped testing facilities as they witnessed rigorous quality control measures that ensure every Crossland tanker meets the highest standards.

As leaders in the field, Crossland Tankers take pride in showcasing their latest innovations and technologies. Not only did they provide an immersive experience of the manufacturing facility, but Crossland Tankers staff also showcased the diverse range of tankers on offer. From slurry tankers, milk tankers to waste vacuum tankers GRASSMEN had the opportunity to witness the versatility and superior design of all these products.

Exhilarating Experience

Throughout the day, those visiting from GRASSMEN had the chance to interact with the Crossland team, ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

“We appreciated their genuine interest and enthusiasm for our products and processes, and we would like to extend our gratitude to the GRASSMEN team for taking the time to visit our manufacturing facility in Swatragh. Their visit not only served as an incredible opportunity to showcase our expertise in the industry but also allowed us to further strengthen our relationship with the wider agricultural community.

“Here at Crossland Tankers we remain committed to providing the highest quality solutions to our customers, and welcoming GRASSMEN to our state-of-the-art facility was an affirmation of our dedication to excellence.”

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