Bridgestone Supply RiverRidge Waste Management

Bridgestone are partners with RiverRidge to supply and manage tyres used on their fleet. Bridgestone’s solution includes Bridgestone brand tyres and Bandag retreads providing a cost effective and environmentally efficient solution. Bridgestone has also incorporated digital tyre pressure monitoring systems in its service to RiverRidge.

Bridgestone fit its new Duravis regional tyres to the front axle of the vehicles and use Bandag BDU2 retreads, which have been manufactured in Northern Ireland, on the rear. Bridgestone believe this provides the optimum solution both economically and environmentally for the work carried out by RiverRidge.

Bridgestone use TPMS sensors and depot receivers to monitor the fleets’ tyre pressures making the appropriate interventions quickly. Monitoring tyre pressures reduces punctures and down time for their vehicles but also saves fuel as underinflated tyres have a higher rolling-resistance.

An added bonus is that correct tyre pressures generally lead to longer tyre life for both new and retreaded tyres.

Andrew Frizzell, Commercial Fleet Manager, Bridgestone Ireland said: “We are very happy to be working with RiverRidge Recycling to supply and manage their tyres. We believe Bridgestone tyres and fleet management makes a positive contribution to the efficient operation of their vehicle fleet”.

Bridgestone work cooperatively with Webfleet Solutions and Simplicity Group in managing RiverRidge’s vehicles.