DAF CF and XF with Ultimate Package

DAF is introducing the Ultimate Package consisting of a range of features that even further improve the efficiency, safety and comfort of the CF and XF.

For many years the DAF CF and XF have consistently set the standard in terms of efficiency and comfort. It is no surprise that the trucks have won many prestigious awards through the years, including ‘International Truck of the Year’ (CF and XF), ‘Fleet Truck of the Year’ (XF), ‘Green Truck of the Year’ (CF) and ‘Construction Truck of the Year’ (CF).

To ensure excellent vehicle efficiency, one of the primary features of the Ultimate Package is the Battery Energy Management system. It monitors the condition of the batteries, which is crucial in terms of optimal vehicle uptime. Tyre Pressure Monitoring is also included in the package. It constantly monitors the tyre pressure and makes an important contribution to ensuring maximum fuel efficiency. For the same reason, the DAF CF and XF with Ultimate Package are also equipped with Predictive Cruise Control. This is an intelligent cruise control system that can plan 2 kilometres ahead and allows the driveline to make maximum use of the truck’s kinetic energy. It can deliver fuel savings of up to 4%.

To enhance visibility and thus safety, the Ultimate Package also contains LED headlights and LED rear lights that provide a high performance lighting, low energy consumption and last a lifetime.

DAF’s cabs are extremely spacious, boast unrivalled ergonomics and offer the driver the best seats and most comfortable bed on the market. And to make the life of the man or woman behind the wheel even more agreeable, the Ultimate Package contains DAF’s sophisticated Climate Control. In addition, an extra Accessories Power Supply is also standard.

This 24 volt/40 ampere power supply is mounted in the roof console or locker above the windscreen and is especially designed to power a microwave.

Ultimate Support

For DAF customers in the UK, the Ultimate Package complements an already high level of support for operators to achieve optimum levels of efficiency and total cost of ownership. All LF, CF and XF models offered for sale in the UK include the DAF Connect online fleet management system as standard.

DAF Connect offers real-time information about truck and driver and is instrumental to increased vehicle availability, reduced costs and optimised logistical efficiency.

DAF CF and XF models are also offered for sale as standard to UK customers with a DAF MultiSupport Preventative Maintenance contract, which reduces unexpected costs and ensures the truck is always perfectly maintained. The maintenance package takes care of all necessary planned maintenance needs, safety and legal inspections.

For XF models, the package is for three years up to a maximum 480,000 km, and for CF models two years up to a maximum 320,000 km.