Frigoblock Introduces New EK Whisper Electric Undermount Split Refrigeration Systems

Frigoblock, a brand of Thermo King, has launched its new EK Whisper low-noise, electric undermount refrigeration system; it operates with reduced noise allowing customers to deliver their services with less impact on urban communities.

Designed for multi-drop operations and combining high refrigeration capacity, rapid pulldown, and no direct carbon emissions, the new Frigoblock EK-Series systems are suitable for city distribution in fresh and frozen applications in single and multi-temperature combinations.

Featuring no diesel-engine, the new EK-Series is powered through highly efficient Frigoblock inverter technology and can also be connected to battery packs for hold-over capacity when the truck engine is not generating power. The EK-Series is compatible with the latest vehicle technologies including LNG, CNG and battery electric powered vehicles.

“Operators of refrigerated fleets have always faced significant challenges, which go beyond the first and foremost requirement to deliver temperature sensitive cargo in prime condition. They also prioritize the quality of transport, meeting the latest emission and noise standards, and the flexibility and reliability of the technology,” said Sergio Blas Medina, product manager at Frigoblock. “We redesigned the EK-Series to meet and exceed their requirements.

“We have listened to our customers and are now delivering the new EK-Series range with new design, improved performance and increased reliability confirmed through our exhaustive testing. These units represent our commitment to reducing both emissions and noise pollution while ensuring food integrity and cargo safety that our customers demand.”

The low weight and compact design make the EK-Series the smallest undermount units available on the market. The new impact-resistant construction with integrated collision protection means there is no need for extra chassis to shield the unit. The new protection grill improves the airflow by 15% compared to predecessor units resulting in better cooling performance. The new units also offer significantly improved access to all serviceable components allowing for easier service and maintenance.

Thanks to its split design, with chassis mounted condenser and remote evaporator installed in the load space, the new EK-Series is ideally suited for low-height truck bodies and through-loading trailers. Combined with wide range of Frigoblock’s ultra-slim remote evaporators, the EK-Series offers the flexibility to match customers’ various application needs.