MAN eMobility Centre Marks Successful First Year

Preparations for large-scale production of electric trucks from Munich are on track. In the first 12 months since the innovative eMobility Centre was established at its main plant, MAN Truck & Bus has rolled out 20 prototypes of the upcoming heavy-duty eTruck, testing future mixed series production with conventional trucks under real-life conditions.

The new eTruck made its first rounds in Berlin at the end of May. In Munich, 1700 employees have so far been trained in the CO2-free technology of the future.

MAN eMobility Centre is proving itself in the development and testing of order-flexible mixed production of the future eTruck with conventional trucks at the Munich plant.

By the end of 2022, 2,000 employees at the site will have completed around 10,000 hours of training in the use of the new high-voltage technologies.

Production of first precursor small series of the MAN eTruck on the series production line is planned from the end of 2023.

When the MAN eMobility Centre opened in mid-June 2021, it was already clear that the future was being created here: it was a clear starting signal for the modernization of the site as part of the transformation and also for the coming series production of electric trucks at the main plant in Munich.

“MAN is preparing for the future of electromobility and driving forward its transformation into a provider of sustainable transport solutions for climate-friendly road freight. Our heavy-duty eTruck is scheduled to roll off the production line in Munich in early 2024. To this end, we are now training employees in high-voltage technology and making our production at our main plant in Munich more flexible,” says Alexander Vlaskamp, CEO of MAN Truck & Bus, on the one-year anniversary of the eMobility Centre in Munich.