MAN unveils its mobile coronavirus test vehicle

MAN Truck & Bus has developed a unique, innovative diagnostic vehicle in cooperation with recognised experts from the health sector, which can be used to detect SARS CoV-2 infections safely and quickly at hotspots.

The rolling laboratory is based on the MAN TGE van. With more than 500 tests per vehicle and day, the rolling laboratory is perfectly suited for carry-ing out tests directly on site if a potential infection is suspected, for example in old people’s homes, schools, companies or other institutions. With the help of the MAN Corona-virus diagnostic vehicle, chains of infection can thus be interrupted in a targeted manner.

The innovative MAN coronavirus test vehicle will make a vital contribution to containing the Covid-19 pandemic by providing fast PCR test results on site. The quicker that everyone involved at a new coronavirus hotspot are tested, including all the suspected cases, the more effectively outbreaks and any further spread of the virus can be stopped. In addition to easy planning of the mobile test vehicle’s deployment, the speed of the tests is another advantage of this innovative product.

With the innovative molecular diagnostic PCR test equipment Vivalytic from Bosch Healthcare Solutions on board the MAN TGE, test results are available within one hour. These PCR test devices are currently among the fastest approved devices on the market. The entire pro-cess including smear, sample preparation and testing therefore takes less than an hour.

When deployed for mobile use, for example at border crossings along the motorway, the MAN coronavirus test vehicle displays another of its strengths: flexibility. Test capacities can, for example, be quickly relocated as required and deployed exactly where they are needed.

The mobile test vehicle is also digital. Four tasks can be performed in it in one continuous process: swab sampling, testing, analysis and communication. The PCR test results are digitally transferred from the test device to a laptop in real time. That enables a quick report to be sent directly from the MAN van to the responsible health authorities, departments, or to the person tested.