PocDoc: The answer to a COVID-secure workplace

As the UK endures another national lockdown, there remains plenty of employees who, to do their job, must continue to go into their place of work.  PocDoc provides a quick and affordable testing solution to any employer looking to instil confidence in their employees that their workplace is safe and secure.

The rapid antigen tests are CE marked and approved by Public Health England, and take just 15 minutes to display the results, meaning that workforce testing can be both quick and accurate.  All that’s required for the screenings is a healthcare professional to be in attendance, which can be provided by PocDoc if the organisation doesn’t employ one in house.

Each person tested receives an immediate digital health certificate with their results and the digital healthcare end-to-end solution also provides employers with a simple digital platform enabling them to track their workforce’s status and health. This platform provides immediate, secure data collection and visualisation for full traceability, allowing employers to enable a workforce to return to work safely.  There is no limit to the scale of testing available.

No other service is combining testing with tech and providing the complete solution – tests, staffing, reporting and certification – so PocDoc is leading the market in providing HR departments with the services they need to collate the health and status of their workforce in real time and keep Britain working safely.

PocDoc is also in advanced discussions with airports, airlines and live events about deploying their test and app solution, including the ability to integrate with passenger manifests and to facilitate pre-flight testing, issuing “Fit to Fly” certificates as part of passengers journey to the airport, or on arrival testing.

PocDoc CEO & founder, Steve Roest, says: “In the instance that working from home isn’t an option, employers should be doing what they can in order for their employees to feel confident in their place of work.  Our solution is quick, reliable and safe and extremely cost effective. Just register on the website and we will arrange to come round and test your team, and provide you with the platform to store, track and evaluate data and ensure employees feel safe and secure in the workplace, all for as little as £15 a head.”