Rebranded ContiLifeCycle Ivybridge facility champions tyre retread innovation

Following its relaunch as a ContiLifeCycle facility in March, Continental’s retread plant in Ivybridge, Devon, has assumed the role of a technical innovation hub for the company’s tyre retreading programme. The move supports the brand’s ongoing sustainability strategy.

As one of the UK’s most advanced tyre recycling and hot retreading facility, Ivybridge will play a significant role in the development of future ContiLifeCycle products and initiatives. Prior to the rebrand, the site was the main premises for leading Continental-owned retreader, Bandvulc. New Bandvulc products continue to be developed and manufactured alongside ContiRe tyres in Ivybridge.

Tony Mailling, Head of Hot Retread Production EMEA and Plant Manager of ContiLifeCycle Ivybridge and Stöcken, Germany said: “Continental, Bandvulc and the Ivybridge site has long been held in high regard for the work it has done to push the envelope of retread innovation in the UK and across Europe. Though the name above the door may have changed, there’s no doubt that Ivybridge is continuing to lead the way in retread excellence.

“The key role for Ivybridge celebrates the skill, expertise and effort that the team has invested into transforming the image of retread tyres. Where once there were misguided doubts about the quality of retreads, today the science, technology and engineering know-how involved in the retreading process makes it easily one of the most advanced areas of tyre production.”

A significant element of the ContiLifeCycle cradle-to-grave approach to sustainable tyre management, retread tyres can facilitate a reduction in waste and natural resources, as well as reduced costs for operators.

When compared to an equivalent new commercial vehicle tyre, retread rubber can contribute to a 80% reduction in the required raw materials. Commercial retreads also contribute to a 24% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and a 21% reduction in air pollution during the production phase.

As part of its Vision 2030 strategy programme, Continental has committed to an ambitious goal of becoming the most progressive tyre company with regard to ecological and social responsibility by 2030. At the end of the decade, Continental aims to have more than 40% renewable and recycled materials in its tyres, with a drive to achieve 100% renewable and recycled materials by 2050 at the latest. The ContiLifeCycle programme is an important step on the road to fulfilling these core sustainability goals.

Ralf Benack, Head of Commercial Consumer Solutions EMEA at Continental Tires, added: “The growing importance of sustainability for operators naturally underlines the need for ContiLifeCycle’s ongoing programme of innovation. Sustainability has an impact on the operational function of many road transport businesses, and using Continental’s reliable, durable and high performing retread tyre range can be an outstanding choice for operators seeking to hit their own environmental goals.

“We are working continuously to advance state-of-the-art technologies, sustainable products and services throughout our entire value chain, from sourcing sustainable materials to recycling end-of-life tyres. Continental is committed to a process of continuous refinement and development of our retread tyre solution, and Ivybridge has, and will continue to, play a leading role in that journey.”