Renault Trucks deliveries up 18% in Past Year

    Renault Trucks ended 2023 with a total of 69,859 deliveries, up 18%. “A solid commercial performance that allows us to continue the transformation of our company and our transition towards sustainable transport,” says Bruno Blin, President of Renault Trucks.

    “Renault Trucks asserts itself as a leader in decarbonised mobility, with a 22.4% market share of electric vehicles in the over 16 tonnes segment in Europe.”

    In Europe, in the over 16-tonne segment, Renault Trucks saw its global deliveries increase by 3.4% in 2023, in what was a very dynamic and growing market. The manufacturer lost 0.9 points of market share, closing at 8.5%. In the 6- to 16-tonne segment, deliveries increased by 6.8%, while market share fell by 0.8 points to 6.2%. Renault Trucks remains the leader in its domestic market, with a 27.9% share of the French market in the over 16-tonne segment.

    In 2023, Renault Trucks continued its transition to electric mobility, with deliveries up 153% with1,636 electric vehicles across all ranges.

    Renault Trucks delivered 624 vehicles in the electric medium and heavy duty segment in 2023 (+65%). In Europe, in the over 16-tonne electric vehicle segment, Renault Trucks is outpacing the market, with a penetration rate of 2.5% in 2023 (709 vehicles registered). This compares with an overall electric truck penetration rate in Europe of 0.9% (3,163 vehicles registered).

    The manufacturer’s share of the European market for over 16-tonne electric trucks stands at 22.4%. In France, Renault Trucks has an 84% share of this segment, with 464 vehicles registered.

    In the electric light commercial vehicle segment, Renault Trucks saw its performance increase by 278%, with 1,012 units delivered. This trend is set to continue in 2024, with the arrival of two new electric light commercial vehicle models: the Renault Trucks E-Tech Trafic and the new Renault Trucks E-Tech Master (the latter will replace the current model in 2024).

    The end of 2023 also saw the opening of the assembly line for the 44-tonne Renault Trucks E-Tech T and C electric trucks at the Bourg-en-Bresse plant (France, Ain). At the start of 2024, XPO Logistics also took delivery of the first production Renault Trucks E-Tech T tractor unit, the result of a major order for 105 units of this new model for its France-based operations. XPO Logistics is a long-standing partner of Renault Trucks and is strongly committed to decarbonising transport. It now has a fleet of more than 200 Renault Trucks E-Tech D, D Wide and T electric trucks in operation or on order.

    Renault Trucks has been producing in series the Renault Trucks E-Tech D and D Wide electric trucks – 16 to 26 tonne rigids – at its Blainville-sur-Orne plant (France, Calvados) since 2020. These vehicles have already clocked up more than 13 million kilometres in customer operations, saving 13,000 tonnes of CO2 in the process.

    Renault Trucks, which also assembles cargo bikes at its plant in Lyon-Vénissieux (France, Rhône), now offers the widest range of electric vehicles on the European market, from 650 kg to 44 tonnes.

    Renault Trucks has set itself the target of generating 50% of its sales from battery electric vehicles by 2030.

    Record international results

    Despite a complex geopolitical climate, Renault Trucks’ international sales continue to grow, increasing by 8.7% compared with 2022, representing 7,383 vehicles. The manufacturer’s market share is up in most countries, including Indonesia (12%), Chile (6.8%), Morocco (18%) and Tunisia (21%). Against this positive backdrop, new partners joined Renault Trucks in 2023 to support its expansion in Turkey, Algeria and Kenya.

    Another noteworthy event in 2023 was the first international delivery of a Renault Trucks E-Tech D Wide electric truck, operated by Tadweer Group to collect household waste in Abu Dhabi.

    Over the last few years, Renault Trucks has been stepping up circular economy initiatives aimed at reducing the environmental impact of trucks while providing hauliers with economical and sustainable solutions. By extending the life of parts and trucks, Renault Trucks can reduce the impact on natural resources by up to 80%. This is a virtuous model based on three principles, namely regenerate, repurpose and return.

    In 2023, Renault Trucks repurposed 95 used vehicles at its Used Trucks Factory in Bourg-en-Bresse. This relatively modest number of converted vehicles is explained by the lack of availability of used vehicles, with stock levels still very low. The manufacturer also extended the life of 250 trucks in its customers’ fleets by reconditioning them at its Used Trucks Centre in Lyon-Saint-Priest (Restart offer). In tangible figures, the repurposed and reconditioned trucks generated savings of 6 tonnes of materials, 7 tonnes of CO2, 7 MWh of energy and 185 m3 of water.

    Renault Trucks maintained its level of used vehicle deliveries in 2023, closing the year with 6,000 units delivered. The manufacturer, confident that used trucks will remain attractive to customers, also introduced its third special used series in 2023, the Renault Trucks T Red. There are 186 Renault Trucks sales and service outlets with a dedicated area for used trucks.

    Meanwhile, Renault Trucks has just unveiled plans to build a new global spare parts distribution centre at its Saint-Priest site, to replace older facilities. By investing a total of €132 million in the construction of this new state-of-the-art logistics platform, the French manufacturer and the Volvo Group to which it belongs are demonstrating their commitment to the sustainability of production resources and reaffirming the strong local roots of Renault Trucks in the Lyon metropolitan area.