‘Safety should not be limited by training budget’, cautions RTITB

RTITB reminds organisations that workplace safety should not be restricted by budget availability, as it introduces a cost-effective eLibrary of ready to go training materials for lift truck, plant and LGV.

“Times are tough for many businesses at the moment and we understand that the cost of purchasing or developing training materials can soon add up,” says Laura Nelson, Managing Director for RTITB. “With limited budgets and significant time pressures to contend with, some organisations might be tempted to cut corners, but keeping people safe must always be a priority.

“That’s one of the reasons why we are supporting UK industry with the new RTITB eLibrary, providing access to high-quality, up to date training materials in an even more affordable and user-friendly way. It is designed to help develop a positive training and safety culture, while meeting regulations and protecting every employee’s safety.”

Accessed entirely online, the RTITB eLibrary contains a range of standardised forklift, plant and LGV courses for instructors to use when delivering training to operators and drivers, including trainers’ guides, presentations, videos, posters, safety codes, handouts, and more. The ready-to-go materials provide a much faster solution, compared to developing materials in-house, especially while instructors’ time is in high demand.

New courses are added throughout the year and the eLibrary content is always kept up to date, ensuring that changes to legislation, for example, are covered.

“Employers could spend thousands buying training materials that could be out of date in weeks,” explains Laura Nelson. “As well as the financial implications, it’s essential that instructors always work to current training and testing standards, as failure to do so could invalidate the operator or driver’s assessment.”

With a single access point for all materials, the RTITB eLibrary also supports compliance by ensuring standardised training is used company wide, while busy training teams also benefit from version control. The smart system also leaves an auditable trail of updates, showing the activity of each user, making it easy for instructors to keep up.

As everything is online, switching to the RTITB eLibrary also helps organisations to save a significant amount of paper, supporting a more environmentally friendly approach alongside the cost savings and convenience.

For more information or an RTITB eLibrary demonstration, contact [email protected] , call 01952 520203 or visit www.rtitb.com.