Searches for ‘truck driver UK’ skyrocket 1300% across globe during HGV driver shortage

Analysis of Google search data reveals that online searches for ‘truck driver UK’ across the globe exploded 1300% from the 26th September onwards when petrol and HGV driver shortages in the UK became a widespread phenomenon. 

A new finding by delivery management experts Urbantz reveals that online interest in truck driver positions in the UK skyrocketed to 14 times the average volume from the 26th September – an unprecedented spike in interest for truck driver vacancies, according to Google Trends analysis.

The data also shows that interest in truck driver positions in the UK is the most widespread in Zimbabwe, followed by Nigeria and Sri Lanka. South Africa and Ireland were also among the countries with the highest online searches for ‘truck driver UK’.

A spokesperson for Urbantz commented on the findings: “It’s fascinating to see how much online interest in UK-based truck driver jobs has increased across the globe, following news of the country’s unprecedented need for HGV drivers. Both the fuel crisis and driver shortage have the potential to put a lot of pressure on the country, as we rely on deliveries for our necessities, so hopes will be high that search interest will convert into job applications”