Texaco Delo full synthetic transmission fluid secures Allison Transmission approval

Texaco Delo Syn ATF 668 full synthetic transmission fluid for heavy duty automatic truck and bus transmissions, formulated to improve durability and prolong equipment life, has now secured Allison Transmission approval.

Texaco Delo Syn ATF 668 is engineered for Allison Transmission’s next generation of heavy-duty automatic truck and bus transmissions for smooth shifting, and long-term durability.

The Texaco Delo Syn ATF 668 advanced anti-wear formulation helps reduce noise and vibration, even in severe operating conditions, with thermal and oxidation stability leading to extended drain intervals and long service life, helping to lower maintenance costs.

Formulated using synthetic base oils, Texaco Delo Syn ATF 668 includes a unique additives package designed to enable smoother shifts at low speeds and over a wider temperature range, which in turn helps prevent the accumulation of deposits and the formation of sludge, varnish, and foam.

Offering 10 times longer anti-shudder durability than the TES 295 fluids as demonstrated during testing, Texaco Delo Syn ATF 668 is designed to protect against friction deterioration over time, helping to decrease vibrations and contributing to steadier operation, for optimal drivability.

The Texaco Delo product offers consistent shift performance regardless of driving operation and is designed with an advanced anti-wear formulation including boosted antioxidants to help prevent oxidation, prolonging the life of equipment even at higher loads, and helping to extend drain intervals without sacrificing performance.

The product is validated for extended drain intervals by Allison Transmission for use applications which specify TES 668 fluids, including its 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000 series transmissions and is backward compatible with TES 295 and TES 389 transmission fluids.