TrailerBuddies – straight from the BPW customer service workshop

Whether on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube, BPW has been reaching users of commercial vehicle and transport technology directly through social media for years.

Now, BPW is launching ‘TrailerBuddies’, a special YouTube format for professionals in garages and service stations.

BPW makes solid arguments in its product and brand communication and is one of the few mobility and systems providers in the commercial vehicle industry to give concrete figures for time and cost savings and other practical benefits – in euros, cents, hours, kilos or metres.

The new ‘TrailerBuddies’ YouTube format is designed to be just as straightforward and practical and to appeal directly to the experts in commercial vehicle workshops. For instance, the first episode on the ECOPlus principle shows exactly how to disassemble, check and grease a wheel hub unit in record time. The second episode presents the AirSave tyre pressure control system from the garage’s perspective. In the latest episode, the TrailerBuddies look at the iGurt for intelligent load securing.

The videos are filmed on-site at the company, including at the BPW customer service workshop in Wiehl. They are developed and produced in-house by the BPW Corporate Communications department.

‘We are looking at the challenges faced by the workshop specialists and are working with our customer service colleagues to deliver practical, easy-to-implement solutions and tips,’ says Aileen Seelheim (presenter). ‘The focus of TrailerBuddies is on dynamism, authenticity and added value.’

During the production process, the team from Corporate Communications ensures that the individual steps will be easy to see on smaller screens.

‘Mobile devices are naturally a feature of day-to-day work in the garage nowadays,’ explains Christina Meyn (camera and sound). ‘BPW is one of the pioneers in this trend and provides a comprehensive mobile online service for garages, from the maintenance manual right through to spare parts identification – so it was an obvious step for us to add a useful YouTube format to what we offer.’