Mallon commits to all island working on Narrow Water Bridge project

Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon has reiterated her commitment to advancing the Narrow Water Bridge project during a visit to the proposed site.

The Minister met with the Narrow Water Bridge Community Network and local representatives to discuss the benefits of the scheme for the local area.

Minister Mallon said: “I am committed to progressing the Narrow Water Bridge project. I recognise the strong local support for a bridge to link the communities on both sides of Carlingford Lough and to take full advantage of the tourism potential of this cross-border region,  whilst protecting the natural environment in this area of historic and ecological significance.

“My officials have been working to update an economic appraisal of options considered in respect of future development of Narrow Water in collaboration with the Department for Transport, Tourism and Sport.

“Recognising the importance of all island working to deliver this much needed strategic project, I have written to Minister Ryan following my site visit, as collaboration is key to its delivery for our people north and south.

“From tourism to connectivity to growing our economy, the benefits from building the Narrow Water Bridge are wide ranging. The local community recognised this many years ago and have been tirelessly campaigning. As we adapt and change in the face of Covid and Brexit, the case has been strengthened and we have a real opportunity to work in partnership across this island and seize that chance for change.”