New features see new MAN Truck Generation hit new heights

    MAN is introducing brand-new product highlights for its new Truck Generation, freshly launched last year, which make the TGX, TGS, TGM and TGL even safer and more user-friendly, but also even more efficient and more digital.

    The MAN OptiView mirror replacement system, the MAN CruiseAssist driving assistant, additional fuel savings of up to 3.7 percent, as well as over-the-air updates with MAN Now and new digital services are just some of the innovations arriving between the second half of 2021 and early 2022 that will provide drivers and transportation companies with lasting benefits in their day-to-day operations.

    “We know that our customers’ businesses never stand still, so at MAN we never stop working on enhancements for our products. For this reason, we are making our new Truck Generation more efficient, safer and more innovative and are placing even more focus on simplifying the day-to-day operations of our customers and drivers, thus making us a reliable and competent partner,” says Göran Nyberg, Executive Board Member for Sales and Customer Solutions at MAN Truck & Bus.

    In terms of the new products, the main visual highlight is the absence of traditional exterior mirrors. The new, optional mirror replacement system, which can be ordered from October onwards, works exclusively with cameras, including at the front and on the sides of the vehicle. They show what is happening around the truck on two large high-resolution displays on the A-pillars and also on the screen of the media system.

    The driver has a selection of view options to choose from, each consistently eliminating blind spots, improving visibility and, above all else, significantly improving safety for other road users. The turn assist function is also integrated into the display concept.

    The new collision avoidance assistant provides greater safety when changing lanes. As an extension of the previous lane change warning system, the assistant intervenes by counter-steering if a collision is imminent. The new MAN CruiseAssist function provides another form of electronic driving assistance. It can be used to steer, brake and accelerate the TGX and TGS trucks independently in traffic on the motorway, even in the case of traffic jams. Even though the driver needs to keep their hands on the steering wheel at all times, the system takes a lot of the burden off the driver and offers significant safety benefits.

    Both systems are now available for the TGX and TGS. The collision avoidance assistant as well as the lane change support and turn assist functions, which are already available for the TGX and TGS, can be ordered for the TGM from October.

    A new turn assist camera system with warning function from MAN Individual provides greater safety ex works, particularly as a retrofit solution for older vehicles.

    Sustainable efficiency

    When it comes to efficiency, the new MAN Truck Generation, which, with its fuel savings of up to 8.2 percent, is already very frugal, is about to go one better. The new dynamic torque adjustment function, which can also be ordered from July, and the speed reduction when cruising at idling speed have a further impact on the reduction in fuel consumption.

    When combined with the highly efficient MAN TipMatic 12 gearbox, which is now used by default in standard semitrailer tractors, and the aerodynamics, which have been further improved by the removal of the exterior mirrors and the arrival of the new sunblind for the GM and GX cabs, additional fuel savings of up to 3.7 percent can be achieved in long-haul transport situations with the D26 engine series.

    An eye to the future

    MAN Perform, the tool for analysing driver and vehicle deployment, will also be upgraded between the second half of 2021 and early 2022, offering new features such as automated fleet and driver reports, and the ability to integrate additional performance data.

    The digital maintenance management system MAN ServiceCare, which acts as an interface in analysing and transmitting vehicle data to the MAN service outlet in this new expansion stage, also offers a major advantage in terms of greater vehicle availability: The ServiceCare Center takes it upon itself to contact customers in good time if a fault occurs on the vehicle – before this fault results in a breakdown.

    And finally, the digital offering around the new MAN Truck Generation is also growing as a result of the fact that the MAN Driver App also has new functions in addition to its previous functions such as support for departure control and damage reports, the MAN service base search or the short operating instructions.

    In addition to eight other language versions, these are above all recommendations for action for an economical driving style and, in conjunction with the Perform service, explanations of the evaluations of the individual driving style analysis by the app.