Renault Trucks Brings The Best Eco Drivers Together In Lisbon

T- OptifuelThirty seven drivers from 20 countries are going head-to-head in Lisbon on October 7th during the final of the Optifuel Challenge 2015, an international competition focused on economic driving organised by Renault Trucks.

The finalists will be driving Renault Trucks’ International Truck of the Year 2015 Range T trucks and the winner will be the driver who uses the least fuel while maintaining the required journey speed.

The countries represented are: UK, Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Morocco, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Tunisia and Turkey.

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The competition consists of two phases: firstly all the finalists will answer a questionnaire designed to test their knowledge of optimised driving. Then they will follow a predetermined on-road route in a Renault Trucks Range T Optifuel featuring the very latest technological advances with the judges assessing key dynamic driving behaviours that affect fuel economy, such as time in the green economy zone, idling time, rolling speed, coasting time and use of the brakes, all measured against the clock – and critcally fuel consumption.

After the driving trial, finalists will also be able to get feedback on their performance from one of Renault Trucks’ experts on fuel saving and economic driving.

The eventual winner will be announced during the evening, with the company represented winning one year’s full service rental of a Renault Trucks Range T-460 Optifuel. You can also follow the event on Twitter: #optifuelchallenge