Renault Trucks Unveils Its Electric Range

    Renault Trucks is taking a comprehensive approach to the challenge of electromobility with the announcement of its second generation range of fully electric trucks.

    With models at weights from 3.1 to 26 tonnes Renault Trucks offers a wide range of solutions for operators providing last mile, urban distribution and refuse collection services.

    Over the past 10 years Renault has been working with commercial operators in a number of countries to prove the operational capability and commercial viability of a range of hybrid and fully electric vehicle technologies.

    Renault Trucks’ President, Bruno Blin explains: “Ten years ago we were the pioneers, promoting electric trucks to improve city air quality. Today we can offer a range of electric vehicles with proven performance and the experts in our network are ready to help our customers’ transition to electromobility.”

    Renault Trucks is the first to offer such a wide choice of electric vehicles to operators, with the Master ZE to be available in September 2018 and added to next year with 16t D ZE and 26t D Wide ZE models. All offer zero tailpipe emissions of CO2 and other local pollutants, leaving Bruno Blin to be confident in Renault Trucks’ place in the electromobility market. “Ten years ago we were pioneers, today we are experts.”

    Nigel Butler, Commercial Director for Renault Trucks in the UK and Ireland, has watched developments in electromobility with interest.

    “Our first hands-on experience with electric vehicles in the UK was during the London Olympics in 2012. We provided a hybrid electric 26t vehicle which delivered Coca-Cola to sites during the Games – it didn’t miss a beat then, or in a further four years’ operating in the capital. I am delighted that we will be expanding our range of electric vehicles next year.”

    At a time when everyone in the transport sector needs to work to address air quality and noise challenges as well as reducing global CO2 emissions, availability of the Renault Trucks ZE range is particularly timely and will enable operators, national and local authorities to create robust plans to improve the urban air quality environment.

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